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Flying High Book | Peter Shockey


“I believe that with every adversity there lies within it a seed of greatness…”

— Calvin LeHew



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How do you escape the gravity of fear? How do thoughts affect health, passion, and purpose? When singer, songwriter and best-selling author Stowe D. Shockey…

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“If you are ready to fly high in health, happiness, wealth and a deep joy of living, read my friend Calvin’s book, containing secret tips, tricks and techniques…

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Learn more about the Authors, Stowe Shockey, and Calvin LeHew. Their stories will inspire you and leave you wanting to know more about how…

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“Calvin, Your story is powerful and most inviting…anything I say about it is the equivalent of attempting to gild an already beautiful lily. The book will do well.”

-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell President: Institute of Noetic Science

“Flying High is a true story of undeniable inspiration. The book is enriching and enlightening, a definite must read…

– Raymond Moody, MD, PhD Bestselling Author: Life After Life

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